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Made by Hajae Ko for TOCS puzzle gamejam. I know these "puzzles" are trash, but they're still puzzles (FIGHT ME). I took my inspiration from minimalist art styles from games that I made when I first began programming, and from top down legend of Zelda games (but without inventory and special items - working in my constraints meant that the player never gains equipment, but only knowledge to how other parts of a puzzle work), as well as a love of pushing buttons and watching gates disappear.

I have big dreams, and I'll get more work done on actually making this a full game. Sample what you want in this "demo", although the final version will be free as well if it ever gets finished (fingers crossed for hope?). This project was made in Gamemaker Studio (1 not 2), and if anyone would like the project files or code or is wondering how I did some of this, I'd be more than happy to share my limited knowledge. Also, if anyone wants to make more levels, call me, and I'll give you the hookup - Gamemaker's room editing interface is the simplest thing I've ever seen, and I'll give you a few tricks on getting things to work.

The price on this is free (and will always be free), so for payment, I ask you to leave any suggestions, any problems, any requests, features you want, what to call this game (everteid is just a placeholder from a random name generator), whatever you can do to improve this game.

With that, if you're reading this in 2016, I wish you happy 2017, and if you're reading afterwards, happy times to you as well! ~Charles

Install instructions

So glad to hear you're downloading! No programs required, it's a standalone exe. Please leave feedback *makes puppy eyes*


everteid_0.1.exe (2 MB)

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