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Alright, this is one I made for our class, Tall Oaks 2019. The vibrant culture and lively dating scene inspired me to make this program, the random ship generator. But while I was proposing (no pun intended) this idea to Dennis Nicholson, we decided we would have a challenge to see who could make the best. Micah also joined in on the fight, but came out a little late. Dennis took on Java, Micah got Python, and I coded with good old GML.

So, we had a 2 day game jam from friday night to sunday night, so to see who could make the best random ships. Also, the background art isn't mine. It's a filler background I got from http://oscmansan.tumblr.com/ I planned to switch it out later, but didn't have time. The music and the code, however, is mine. Oh, and the mute button... can't remember where I got it from. It was clip art.

In the end, I hope you enjoy, and don't hate on the ships =)


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Published 1 year ago

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Alright, so this only works for windows. Windows is gonna try to block it, but you have to allow it. No viruses, on my honor. Also, it may pop up a message saying "don't run" but if you click "more info" a button appears that let's you run it anyways.


the Shipyard for windows (3 MB)
the Shipyard cover image (176 kB)
the Shipyard theme loop (2 MB)

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